News Bobsleigh Canada

Three of Canada’s four bobsleighs also made their way into the top-10.
Canada’s dynamic duo of Lyndon Rush and Jesse Lumsden finished in sixth spot in the men’s two-man race with a time of 1:53.59. Calgarians Chris Spring and Derek Plug teamed up in the Canada 2 sled to place ninth at 1:53.77.

Germany’s Thomas Florschuetz and Kevin Kuske won the men’s race with a time of 1:52.98.

Calgary’s Kaillie Humphries and Emily Baadsvik, of St. Stephen, N.B., were the final sled to squeak into the top-10 in women’s racing. The gold-medal winners last weekend stopped the clock at 1:57.75.

Edmonton’s Jenny Ciochetti teamed up with Calgary’s Kate O’Brien to finish 11th in their debut on the World Cup. The two rookies punched a time of 1:57.95 in the Canada 2 sled.

Germany’s Cathleen Martini and Janine Tischer won the women’s race with a time of 1:56.32 in the Germany 2 sled.

The World Cup wraps up on Sunday in Winterberg, Germany with the men’s four-man bobsleigh race.

Top-Five Men’s Bobsleigh Results:

1.Thomas Florschuetz/Kevin Kuske, GER 1, 1:52.98; 2. Beat Hefti/Thomas Lamparter, SUI 1, 1:53.72; 3. Oskars Melbardis/Daumants Dreiskens, LAT1 , 1:53.43; 4. Maxmillian Arndt/Martin Putze, GER 2, 1:53.52; 5. Edwin van Calker/Sybren Jansma, NED 1, 1:53.56;

Canadian Results:
6. Lyndon Rush, Humboldt, Sask., Jesse Lumsden, Burlington, Ont., CAN 1, 1:53.59; 9. Chris Spring, Calgary/Derek Plug, Calgary, CAN 2, 1:53.77

Top-Five Women’s Bobsleigh Results:
1.Cathleen Martini/Janine Tischer, GER 2, 1:56.32; 2. Anja Schneiderheinze/Lisette Thone, GER 3, 1:56.60; 3. Fabienne Meyer/Hanne Schenk, SUI 1, 1:56.73; 4. Elana Meyers/Katie Eberling, USA 1, 1:56.85; 5. Christina Hengster/Inga Versen, AUT 1, 1:56.93

Canadian Results:
10. Kaillie Humphries, Calgary/Emily Baadsvik, St. Stephen, N.B., CAN 1, 1:55.75; 11. Jenny Ciochetti, Edmonton/Kate O’Brien, Calgary, CAN 2, 1:57.95.